Active Burgess is a leader in the design and manufacture of high volume precision moulds. Our experienced, professional management team leads a highly skilled team of designers, engineers and technicians to ensure that each mould is delivered in the shortest lead time possible, at competitive prices with the highest levels of accuracy and quality. Our Program Managers ensure that each mould is tightly managed as it moves through each process, and that customer communications are timely and accurate.

Active Burgess has a long history of producing a broad spectrum of moulds, including large fascia, exterior and interior trim moulds and headlight and tail lamp moulds, for the automotive sector. We also have excellent long-term relationships with customers in the consumer products sector. We provide customers with a complete set of value-added solutions including mould, fixture and gauge design and build and a complete line of automation equipment.

Our facilities and equipment are best in class, having been continually updated to meet the highest levels of accuracy and speed. Active is experienced in, and absolutely focused on, the application of lean manufacturing techniques and continuous improvement. Active Burgess is ISO 9001:2000 certified

We have the long term commitment of our majority owner, Parkview Capital Partners Inc., a Toronto-based private investment company. Active’s Senior Managers are minority shareholders of the Company, ensuring that our individual success is linked with the success of our customers.